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Rent without a credit card

Any payment method is welcome! You can indeed make both rental payments and deposit payments with debit cards, prepaid cards, cash, and PayPal.

Night arrivals car retire

Thanks to our state-of-the-art self-checkout system, you'll have the opportunity to conveniently pick up your rental car in less than 5 minutes, using a smart locker attached to the vehicle, even during nighttime hours.

Full insurance package

Thanks to our Premium insurance package, you travel worry-free, reducing all deductibles to €0.00! Additionally, you won't have to leave any security deposit at the beginning of the rental.

Gate arrivals car retire

By selecting the appropriate accessory, you'll have access to a Premium service, through which the car delivery will take place directly inside the Airport, just steps away from the arrivals gate exit, eliminating the wait!

Free shuttle from/to Airport

With our completely free Transfer service, you can comfortably reach our location, just 3km away from Bari Airport, from where you'll quickly pick up your rental car! The same service will be provided upon your return.

Formula "Sleep & Go"

This package ensures affordable overnight stays just steps away from Bari Airport, thanks to our affiliated accommodation facility! Contact us for further information.
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